Sahar Reviews


Name of Website:
Sahar Reviews

Sahar Reviews is a website in which the owner, Sahar, a pharmacist in Dubai, reviews beauty, makeup and skincare products and gives recommendations based on her knowledge of the industry.

What was the requirement:
Sahar already had a formidable following on Instagram (@saharreviews) but was using a third-party blogging platform to log her experiences and reviews. She now wanted a website with her own domain and wanted to transfer her posts from the third-party blog to a self-hosted one. For the website, she wanted a minimalist, clean but sophisticated look.

I used a pre-built theme for Sahar which matched the look she wanted and then customised to meet her requirements.

Google Fonts was used for the website header to give it the charm it needed. Social Media buttons were added to give her posts the social boosts. The website is mobile-friendly. We finished off her website with code to add a stylish signature at the end of her blog posts.

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